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Philip S. Nestor III, President

Phil was born in Rochester Michigan and raised in Maitland, Florida. His Father was a CPA and worked for Price Waterhouse before starting his own mobile home manufacturing company in Indiana. His mother is a retired legal secretary. Phil attended Winter Park High School, class of 1986. He received a Bachelors in Finance from Auburn University, Alabama and a Bachelors in Accounting from the University of Central Florida. Phil has been with the firm since January 1995 and was admitted as partner in 2001. Phil became the sole owner of the firm once Harry retired in 2008.


Charles H. B. (Harry) Floyd III (retired)

Harry was born and raised in Apalachicola, Florida. His father was a Florida State Senator and his mother is a retired teacher. Harry received his Bachelors in Accounting from the University of Florida and his Masters in Accounting from Florida State University [for our sports minded readers, Harry cheers for the Gators in the annual grid iron battle]. With over twenty years experience in the industry, Harry is qualified and capable of handling most any tax, accounting, or consulting engagement.

George D. Clanton Jr., CPA (deceased)

George founded of our firm in 1973. He was born in Leesville, Louisianna. George passed on in 1996. We continue to honor him today in memory of the commitment he had for his colleages, clients, family and friends.